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Why You Should Read After Here by Dave Wolffe?

Life is fleeting, a fact that we all must come to terms with as humans. But digesting this fact comes with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and gloom. If life is indeed fleeting, if oblivion is inevitable, what is the point of all of this? What is the point of the households we have built, the stories we’ve collected, and the relationships we have garnered during our time here?



There is an overwhelming sadness that overshadows our being with the passing of a loved one, for we know we will never see them again. Or will we?



Through the abyss of hopelessness, Dave Wolffe waves a torch, reassuring those anxious about what lies beyond with his riveting story, After Here.


Let’s explore why you should read After Here.


An Ode to Hope

We often overlook the importance of knowing what lies beyond our lives that will eventually come to pass. It leads us away from our true purpose and forces us to live in constant anxiety. We fear oblivion being a certainty for ourselves and, especially, our loved ones.



With After Here, Dave desires to provide individuals whose loved ones are deceased with the idea that those they have lost are in a comfortable environment and are not alone by any means.



But what stemmed this ambitious thought process? Dave was sixty years old when he began thinking about his own mortality. And through his ponderings, he tried to decipher the answer to his burning existential questions. As a result, he created a place in the afterlife where he would be physically comfortable and not lonely after death. He now presents the subject of the afterlife at presentations provided primarily for seniors and those who have experienced loss.



A Relationship that Transcends Life and Death

What’s as ambitious and compelling as the book’s message is its premise. The book follows the life of the main character, Joe, who journeys to the afterlife after a fatal accident. The reader is alongside Joe as he traverses through the seasons of the year, which are beautifully depicted through Dave’s sheer writing prowess. Along the journey, Joe meets some familiar faces.


However, he is on a mission to find one in particular.



Joe’s soul calls for his beloved wife, who passed away one year before his death.



The story is about life and death and a relationship that transcends both. Wolffe weaves together a delicate, thought-provoking, and comforting story.



The beautiful thing about After Here is that, among all the religious interpretations of the afterlife, the author leans over to neither one, making the book for everyone. Moreover, the book comes with three alternate endings, which adds a deeper layer of anticipation for the readers to delve into. 



After Here offers readers beautiful enlightenment about life’s outcome.



Delve into the experience, and find your peace.



After Here is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



For more information, you can visit Dave’s website, peacefulauthor.org and follow his facebook page, Dave Wolffe-Author in which he devotes to his writing, goals, content, and ways of achieving a peaceful life.