What Happens When We Pass

Before you fall asleep, what’s the last thought you have? Are you thinking about that meeting scheduled at 9:35 am? Or the romantic candlelight dinner with your spouse that was long due? Or, is it in excitement to have the whole day to yourself doing something you really enjoy doing?

But have you ever thought, “What if I don’t get to open my eyes in the morning?”

The more we live life, the more we become oblivious to losing it.

However, death is a certainty, one which our mind chooses to ignore perhaps because of its depressing nature.

Hence, many of as human beings latch onto the idea of the afterlife.

Although the answer to “What happens when we pass?” is ambiguous, Author Dave Wolffe, in his riveting book After Here, furnishes audiences with his perception of what might happen after we die. In an unfortunate turn of events, the protagonist, Joe Golden, succumbs to a fatal car accident and is sent on an expedition, traversing through the seasons. Along the way, Joe encounters people who passed before him. Among the faces he encounters, the one he seeks to find in particular, is the love of his life who predeceased him one year before. Mr. Wolffe encapsulates the perplexing polarity between life and death and the connection between people that last a lifetime and beyond.

Wolffe’s story helps readers reflect on the reality of life, cherish our time on Earth, and subsequently, be hopeful for what happens in the hereafter.

Grab your copy of After Here by clicking on the link. You can also visit Dave Wolffe’s website, peacefulauthor.org, and follow him on Facebook (Dave Wolffe-Author) for more content.