Afterlife and Hope

What keeps us going in life?

The wholesome sound of laughter from the living room downstairs, the sight of fireworks, or is it the reassuring thought that you will get up in the morning to see the sunrise and do life again? Take a moment to reflect and cherish the moment as you read this sentence. Acknowledge and absorb the feeling of gratitude and joy surging through your body, knowing there are still so many experiences for you to have.

Now, close your eyes. Listen to the world as it passes by without your influence. Think of the moments you’ll miss out on after your passing, the gaping feeling of nothingness that is hard to describe. Throughout history, supplemented by religion, we humans have come to believe in multiple antidotes to the equation of nothingness. If you know that there is nothing but darkness at the end of the finish line, every relationship we invest in and every goal we pursue seems meaningless.

Throw in the idea of the afterlife, and there, you welcome peace in your life.

Knowing that one day, we will be able to meet our loved ones beyond the grave, that our good deeds will be rewarded for, and surety that there will be light after we shut our eyes in the flesh gives us a feeling that can cure everything and anything negative in our lives.

And that feeling is hope.

When you approach life with hope, nothing can break you down. Hope is a warm blanket over your shoulders on a cold, rainy day. To personify this very notion, author Dave Wolffe has come out with a read that is described as “life-changing” among the readers’ community.

After Here features the story of Joe Golden, a man who ascends to heaven after a fatal car accident. Readers get to witness a riveting perspective on what lies beyond the veil. As Joe encounters familiar faces, he searches for his wife, who had passed before him.

Find hope between the pages by grabbing After Here. You can also visit Wolffe’s website,, and follow his Facebook page (David Wolffe-Author) for more content.