Why Do We Believe in the Afterlife?

Life is unpredictable.  Yet, if there is one thing that is inevitable in this expedition, it is the end.


It’s a saddening thought that everything; every dream we’ve ever dreamt, every memory we’ve cherished, and every connection we’ve ever had will be reduced to nothing more than rubble and dust.  That’s the law of the universe.


But what if you were told that the end wasn’t the end at all?  What if, through the endless abyss, shined an infinite light, leading you to an eternity of bliss?  What if the goodbyes weren’t  goodbyes?  What if there was an afterlife?


And if so, why do we cling to this undying belief?


The concept of death, or , more so, the fear of death, plays a vital role in cultivating the belief in the hereafter.  Every cell in our body serves a singular purpose:  survival.  Each organ works in synchronicity until the inevitability of death.  But that doesn’t change that the “fear” still exists.  We don’t necessarily fear losing our lives, but the collateral damage that comes with it.  We fear abandoning our loved ones and vice versa.  We fear the opportunities missed, letters unsent, and sights unseen.


All until we get a revelation, “This can’t be the end.”


Science tells us that the odds of us being born were 1 in 400,000,000,000,000.  And yet, you are here.  The impossibility of life itself proves to be a catalyst for the revelation that none of this can or should be in vain.


Why do we believe in the afterlife?  The answer is one word, “Hope.”


When we believe in the afterlife, our perspective on the “current” life is elevated.  We are no longer depressed about the morbidity of death, but hopeful to see what is on the other side.  We achieve a new perspective.


It isn’t “Goodbye.”


It’s “Until we meet again.”


Author Dave wolff, in his book, After Here depicts a riveting story of Joe Golden, a man who ascends to heaven after a fatal car accident.  Readers witness Wolffe’s beautiful perspective on the hereafter as Jo walks through the year’s seasons.  Jo encounters familiar faces throughout his journey, but yearns for one, his wife, who passed before him.


Immerse yourself in a story of hope that we will, too, see theones we love again.


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