Why the Afterlife Gives Us Purpose

How does the belief in the afterlife shapes our perspective? Let’s explore this

As you walk through life, basking in the sun, admiring the lush greens of the grass and the vivid hues in the sky, you feel a surge of gratitude in your heart. Pair the scenic beauty with unforgettable moments with your friends and family, and you can’t help but think, “Life is good.”

But, suddenly, from the far reaches of your mind, anxiety seeps through. Dark clouds of realization appear, saying all this is temporary. And just like that, you imagine everything and everyone you loved being taken away.

If there is one thing inevitable in the universe, everything will eventually fleet away.

Stop and take a breath. Let’s explore how you can instill a sense of hope in your heart, even amid the looming darkness.

Author Dave Wolffe’s book, “After Here” embodies a beautiful thought that the last chapter of our lives isn’t an insidious full stop, but a hopeful “To be continued…”

The book chronicles the journey of Joe Golden, who finds himself ascending to heaven after a fatal car accident. The reader is immersed in Wolffe’s beautiful perspective of the afterlife. Joe walks through the seasons of the year, all artfully described and painted, serving as a befitting backdrop for his encounters with people who had passed before him.

However, Joe is looking for one person in particular: the love of his life, his deceased wife, Arlyne.

The book is an ode to love, family, and the idea that one day, we, too, will see our loved ones in the life that awaits us in the beyond.

Theologians and seekers have tried to decipher the answer to what lies on the other side of the veil. This question is deeply rooted in our existence as humans because, without knowing that there is an afterlife, everything else feels pointless. The belief in the afterlife comforts us, knowing that we will, indeed, see our loved ones again. Subsequently, it can act as a source of motivation and inspiration to be better individuals and to leave a lasting legacy on the world.

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